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I’m bad and that’s good, I’ll never be good and that’s not bad…
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Some recent INKtober sketches! Check out all the other awesome artists participating, curated by Jake Parker. https://www.facebook.com/inktober

These sketches will be available for purchase at #APEexpo (TABLE 815) and CTN in Burbank!


The last 2 #inktobers!


A Black Widow for INKtober! 
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An astronaut! I’ve been itching to do a space suited girl for awhile!! #art #sketch #ink #screentone
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Evangelion fanart!
And CTN WEEK IS HERE! I’ll be at Booth T59, with Ryan Lang, and selling my first book, SPAM! These originals will also be on sale. 
SPAM will be sold for 20$
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Doing some super heroine redesigns! Teenage/street clothing super heroines? I dunno, but I’m liking the idea that maybe its not all just spandex everywhere!

Batgirl and Wonder Woman are up first :)

Canvas  by  andbamnan